Supporting local farms families and livelyhood's

The Nguni Shop is an online retailer and wholesaler of Nguni hides and products. 

The Nguni Shop is about more than just Nguni hides it’s about the support of our proudly African cattle breeds, farmers, future farmers, and sustainability of African livelihoods. 

About Our Hides
Every item you’ll find on our site is a 100% authentic, ethically sourced Nguni hide brought straight from all across South Africa.
A tradition stretching back countless generations, the Nguni hide represents wealth and status. The distinctive shapes and markings on each hide are as unique as human fingerprints. In fact, there’s sacred meaning in the blotches, dots and streaks. These markings are said to symbolize people, animals and events, giving each hide a special story.
We hand-select only the highest quality, most vibrant hides for our shop and take pride in packing, shipping and delivering your new purchase to you in pristine quality. And if your shipment isn’t perfect, we’re not finished! Just contact our friendly support and we’ll be thrilled to help however we can.
Durable, rugged, yet effortlessly soft, enjoy one of Africa’s most beautiful pieces of nature with your own Nguni hide – a decorative conversation starter for any room!

Why the Nguni Shop

By supporting The Nguni Shop, you are not only supporting a small family run operation you are directly supporting local farming initiatives and the conservation of our African cattle breeds.

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