What is the average size of a Nguni Hide?

The average Nguni hide is 1.8m in length and 1.6m in width. The white pallet on which the Nguni is Placed is 2.1m x 2.1m to give you an idea of size

Is shipping included and if so how are the Nguni hides shipped?

Yes shipping is included in the price & all our hides are shipped via Courier Guy or DSV to any corner of South Africa

What is the difference between B Grade, A grade, and AA grade?

B Grade hides are considered the best "value for money" purchase, though there may be some visible imperfections.

A Grade hides are our best-selling hides and are very high quality hides with only 1 or 2 barely visible patches/markings.

AA Grade Hides - A virtually perfect skin besides the brand mark or a tiny scar or scratch that is practically invisible

What if the hide colouring, I am looking for is not on the photos?

We do a weekly stock and photo update however we have close to 1000 hides in stock at any given moment so feel free to ask if have a specific color or pattern in mind.

Where we located?

We are a strictly online operation with our sales offices located in Pretoria however our tannery is located in Natal

How are our Nguni hides sourced & tanned?

All our Nguni hides are ethically sourced and are not derived from foot and mouth disease areas and are professionally tanned using a chrome tan process complying with international standards.
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